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The Theory of Complex, Dynamical, Non-Linear, Far-From-Equilibrium Systems. Quite a mouthful, isn't it? But all you have to do is click here to learn why it is known by a growing number of managers and practitioners quite simply as Chaos .


...the “new science” of management?

Fact #1 : Chaos is the science of chaords* – complex, dynamical systems in which nothing ever happens quite the same twice, and yet enough happens in a tidy enough way to preclude complete and utter havoc.
Fact #2 : Chaordic systems range from the lowliest amoeba colony to the visible universe…and include by definition, the business enterprise. Click here to learn more about the obvious conclusion…that the “new science” known as Chaos is the science of organization – the “new” science of management.


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"Considering the direction
things have been going,
it is impossible to predict in
which direction they'll go next"

-From Potshots
Ashleigh Brilliant

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